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  • Why you should plan your weight loss program during summers?

    In Health Tips On 17 March 2017

    Summer is the best season to lose weight It's warm outside and you can indulge in light aerobic exercises like swimming and walking at your will. Choose from nature's basket of healthy, low-fat and low-calorie summer fruits and vegetables to lose weight easily. So when the hunger bug strikes, you can snack on low carb foods, which help you lose weight fast. Still not convinced? Read on to understand why you should plan to chuck the extra kilos during summers. Hot summer weather suppresses your appetite: Sunlight may help weight loss in summer season by increasing serotonin levels. That's one way doctors treat the depression of seasonal affective disorder. Increased levels of serotonin reduce some people's need to eat, especially if the cravings are for comfort foods. In a 2013 study, people who worked out in a hot environment (86? F) ate less afterward than those who exercised in a cooler setting (50? F). This suggests that sweltering temperatures during summer may, in fact, reduce your desire to eat--even after you've done a tough workout. Its easier to eat better when it's scorching hot outside: It's easier to eat better in summer because there's an abundance of seasonal, fat-burning foods that are relatively low-priced. Summer foods such as Lady finger (an important source of vitamin B6 and folic acid), cucumbers (a good source of silica, which is good for the skin), peaches, (a good source of fiber), asparagus and broccoli (which are full of hunger-satisfying protein), are all readily available. These foods not only promote a healthy digestive tract but are a key for weight loss in summers. Hence include these local produce in your weight loss diet plan. Choice of delicious low-carb fruits and veggies: Summer comes with an abundance of seasonal, nutritious and fat-burning fruits and vegetables like cucumbers, peaches, asparagus, broccoli and water melon to name a few. Health professionals say that these low-calorie food items should make up about 50% of your diet, especially if you're trying to lose weight. If you make half of your plate or half of all your meals a fruit or a vegetable, you straightaway promote weight loss as both fruits and vegetables are naturally very low in calories and contain loads of water. Eating limited amounts of whole grains and having more lean proteins in the form of fish, eggs and chicken in moderation, helps you cut down on high calorie foods and fastens weight loss. A low carb diet has been shown to help people lose more weight in a shorter period of time as compared to low-calorie or low-fat diets; so concentrate on low carb foods. Water becomes ultra-attractive: In summers, we tend to drink more water than any other season and this wonder drink is a big friend of weight loss. Studies show that drinking water before meals helps you to lose weight as it makes you feel full. Mood swings are out of picture in summers: We know women and men both binge eat when they are low or depressed. Studies have shown that 27% people with seasonal affective disorder (SAD) binge eat during winters. Almost 90% of these have severe cravings for carbs that makes one fat, especially when it's cold outside.  Summer makes exercise and weight loss easy: All you have to do is to ensure that you choose indoor exercise programs like indoor gymming, swimming etc. to beat the heat. Summer is a great time to try and lose weight, but remember to not let yourself go and pile on the kilos during the long winter months. Get in touch with me to set your weight loss program this summer. For a healthy YOU and a healthy FAMILY and COMMUNITY. Narendra Babu S Health and Weight Loss Coach 91-9740084941  


    In Health Tips On 21 June 2016

    The word %u201CDiabetes%u201D has now found its place in common parlance. Diabetes no more is a disease that we don%u2019t know about. India is supposed to have the highest population of diabetics. We all know someone close to us who is a diabetic. With diabetes become so prevalent, we all start becoming comfortable with this condition and resign to the fact that you cannot escape it. This is not true. You can TAKE CHARGE. You have to WAKE UP NOW. First step would be to analyze your risk factors for diabetes. If you have 4 or more of the following risk factors, you are at moderate to high risk of developing diabetes. Let us see what you score. %uF0A0 Family history of Diabetes %uF0A0 Family history of Hypertension %uF0A0 Family history of High Cholesterol levels %uF0A0 Obese/overweight %uF0A0 Low protein and fiber intake %uF0A0 Sedentary lifestyle %uF0A0 Age over 35 %uF0A0 High stress level %uF0A0 No or very little structured physical activity %uF0A0 Eat frequent junk food %uF0A0 High carb/fat intake %uF0A0 Hypertension %uF0A0 High cholesterol levels %uF0A0 Low intake of fresh fruits and vegatables Higher the boxes you have ticked, higher are your chances of developing this condition.  Now you know what level of risk you are at. Congratulations, you have taken your first step to health.  Are you concerned about how to take care of your health whether you are prediabetic, diabetic or not?  Fret not, diabetes is dangerous only when you don%u2019t take care of your health.  Diabetes is manageable with diet and lifestyle modifications.  If you are prediabetic, then immediate lifestyle and diet modifications would reverse the damage and you may never become diabetic if you take charge of your health.  You will need our expert health coach assess your health and life style and motivate and support you in taking charge of your health. Get in touch with us right now.  Contact Us Narendra Babu Health and Wellness Coach, HealthyWE WAKE UP NOW! TAKE CHARGE!

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